The brand Apple Rush started in 1973 in California.

A blend of all natural juices, with Apple being our first flavor. Additional flavors of Blueberry, Blackcherry, and Pomegranate have been added.


A sparkling blend of juices with no added sugar

no artificial flavor or preservatives just natures

real fruit taste with light carbonation.


Just a dream in the 70s,for a group of health conscious

men & woman that loved juices and took a chance to bottle this great beverage and now in 2018 it can be will be added to everyone's healthy refreshments. A real treat for Kids of all ages.


Apple Rush has been waiting for this new healthy lifestyle consumers to reach for an APPLE RUSH


now celebrating it's 45th year as a healthy beverage.

Apple Rush

More than good taste

Find out why Apple Rush could be a healthy and tasty beverage for you!

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