Before you take that first sample of

our Original Apple Rush, inhale it

as if you were tasting a wine for the

first time. Let the aromas excite your

senses prior to that initial sip. Upon

taking that first sip you will feel the

sweetness of the best apple juice

available and upon swallowing your

first thoughts may be reminiscent of

biting into a fresh, crisp apple.

Our Black Cherry juice uses the

most robust sweet dark cherries to

create a juice that reminds us of soda

fountains from ages past, even as

it delivers a refreshingly fresh 21st

Century taste experience. This is

your final stop in your search for a

healthy lightly carbonated beverage

for both yourself or your children.

We combine the sweetness of the

pulp of the blueberry with the bite

of the skin to make our authentic

tasting Blueberry juice. This is not like

the fake overly sweet flavors of the

competing blueberry drinks on the

market. One taste and you will agree

there is nothing that comes close to

the authentic blueberry taste of the

100% juice Apple Rush.

Our Pomegranate juice captures

the true essence of pomegranate

with the subtle tart notes of the

fruit lighting up the tastebuds in a

delicious lightly carbonated juice.

You are sure to agree after tasting,

that Apple Rush Pomegranate is

a great healthy addition to your

refrigerator. Drink it straight or

add it to your favorite cocktail.

Apple Rush

More than good taste

Find out why Apple Rush could be a healthy and tasty beverage for you!

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